Thursday, 10 October 2013

I&E Bazaar

I have decided on what we should do for our I&E bazaar. This year, we are holding a game stall. All the player needs to do is to spin the wheel. The wheel has about 5 options. 2 different levels of the game, 2 extra turn, and 1 instant loss. 

The 2 levels of the game is as such:

First level- bounce a pingpong ball onto the floor and catch it with a plastic cup. When caught, add another plastic cup and bounce and catch again. The number of plastic cup would determine if the player goes to level 2. The minimum number of cups that must be stacked should be at least 20 (needs testing) to move on to the next level.

Second level- balance 2 bottle caps on each other, then a golfball, and then another 2. This goes on until the tower topples. The minimum number of caps that should be stacked to win level 2 is 10 caps to be stacked with 5 golfballs. (Needs testing) It depends on the player how they want to stack it as long as the order is " 2 caps, 1 ball, 2 caps..."

The prizes are as such:
Prize 1- A bag of small candies (1 lollipop and 3 fruity plus) and a thankyou card from S104 to thank them for their participation. (Makes people happy). This is to be given to those who hit the 'instant loss option on the wheel.

Prize 2- a free set of stationary. Maybe a small personalised notebook, and a personalised pen. This would be awarded to those who completed game 1(ping pong) but failed game 2(stacking bottle caps).

Prize 3- prize 1+2 with small little origami penguins. (Taufiq, please teach us how to do so we can all do together. ) This would be awarded to those who completes game 2( stacking bottle caps).

Prize 4- this is specially for sec 4. Since they are leaving this year, they would have the privilege of entering a lucky draw with an attractive prize. I am deciding on a few little penguins on a dome with SST written at the side. They are to leave their contact number with us. When we found the lucky winner, we would contact them best before the bazaar ends for them to collect the prize.

We would need many caps for the cap stacking game. May I request everyone who buys a drink to wash the cap and pass it to me. We are targeting about 70-80 caps. Please spread this around. Ask friends from other class for help as well. We would also require alot of manpower to wrap the candies, fold penguins, paint and aquire materials. Let's make our very first I&E bazaar a success together. And, enjoy yourselves. Any inputs on this are welcomed. Thankyou.