Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Problem Statement and Challenge Statement

Hi Sec 1-04,

Although we will miss this Friday's lesson (Good Friday public holiday), the handout (located on the Sec 1 Googlesite) is meant for you to fill in (softcopy first).

Please take note of the following:
i) The Problem Statement should be worded as a question: to invite ideas & avoids closing the problem.
 Acronyms as below:
  • IWWMW: In what ways might we...?
  • HMW: How might we...?
  • HCW: How can we...?
ii) The Challenge Statement creates Opportunities.

Challenge Statement acronyms as below:
  • WIBGI: Wouldn't it be good if...?
  • WIBNI: Wouldn't it be nice if...?
Also complete the sorting criteria (CP4I Framework).

We will go through the handout next Friday, 5 April.

Happy Easter!
Mr. Hiap

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

overview of lesson on 13.3.2013

What we learnt in the past term:

*WeIrd and useful innovations

Steve jobs (7 principles of innovation)


*Multiple perspective.

Social innovations projects:
It’s easier to think of the problem than to think of a solution straight away...
What are some of the problems you know around you? Can you name a few?

Phrase your problem, then think of the solution. 

--How you would shorten queues in the supermarket?
--Does changing the shopping basket help with that problem?

"ASHOKA is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Men and Women with system changing solutions for the world;s most urgent social problems."
source of quote

More about ASHOKA

 To settle medical issuers in India:

They do not have clean water to consume. So they:
  • Purify the water
  • Villagers go and collect from collection points
  • 1 dollar fifty for a month of supply of clean waters

As doctors cannot travel to the rural part of India, they:
  • Use video consultation(something like video call)
  • Safe travel fees
  • Safe hassle
  • Safe time
  • Medicines are priced at affordable costs
Why is social innovation important?
Look for a problem in our society/world that you would like to help solve, this problem must lead to some form of social innovation preferably in the form of product innovations. Leave your answers in the comment box below!
(sounds like youtube, doesn't it?)  

~~Eunice Koo.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

overview of lesson on 5.3.2013


-innovation requires thinking differently from multiple perspective
-problems present SOLUTIONS, solutions present PROBLEMS.
-Taking only 1 perspective will not give you the correct picture/understanding .Therefore look from different angles to give a bigger picture(holistic approach)of the problem/situation. 


 It may look like there's a swimming pool in the resort:

...but in reality, it's just that pool of water. Yeah. Literally, a POOL of water. 

As for the debate we had, I hope you guys saw the issue on Internet safeness in a different angle. And I think that you guys did a pretty good job in listing the things about it. Hope you guys learnt something new, and I look forward to see what ''gold'' you can come out with.

..Is GOLD even relevant in this context?

Pictures of the debate...


Anyways, have a good week ahead, or day, or hour. Probably minute. 

~~Eunice Koo, 
signing out.