Wednesday, 27 February 2013

overview of lesson on 27.02.2013

Today's lesson:

Personal challenge :

Does the difference in brands really distinguish the product? 
Canned tuna: Ayam Brand, and NTUC original?
Shoes: Nike, or unbranded good quality shoes?

pink bat video: 

In the pink bat video, something about the gorilla guy, here's a video about brain blindness.
and also a video about the gorilla:


" most people see what they want to, or at least what they expect to."

YOUR perception is not always REALITY.

You turn problems into solutions, be cause you think it as an opportunity , not an obstacle."

assignment :
What do you think of the quote in relation to innovation? Give your answer in your blog post (comments.)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I&E Groups

Apologies for delayed posting - some people had not given me their groupings
As for Beverly's group , you have to take Hong Yi in into your group as all the other groups are already too full. You may only change if you have asked Mr Hiap. 

Kimberly , Luke , Sabrina , Myat Noe

Ryan, Chelsea, Lynette, Bryan Goh, Xue Qin 

Chester, Timothy , Hong Yi and Beverly

Sean , Kenric , Taufiq , Eunice , Nehal

Khairul , Bryan Lee , Qayyum , Yu Hin , Kai Cheng

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Idea-Generating Tool: SCAMPER

Hello All,

A useful link to review the idea-generating tool: SCAMPER here.

Your team has been tasked to create new SCHOOL BAG function for the STUDENTS.
 'How might you use ‘SCAMPER’ to improve the BAG functions for use?'

Your group can present your idea using pen / pencil sketch, Google Sketch as long as your drawing is clear. Labeling is necessary to highlight the features / details. 

Format of uploaded presentation (Keynote) slides:
Slide 1: Name of bag, group member names
Slide 2: Unique features. Labeling is necessary to highlight the features / details. 
Slide 3: Advantages of using this bag
Slide 4: Which letter of SCAMPER applies to this bag.

Date Due: Wednesday 20 Feb 

Mr. Hiap

Review: Hits, Hot Spots, Synthesis, Analysis, Divergence, Convergence

Hello Class,

To review:
  • Hits - To select promising or intriguing possibilities (these are usually higher ranked on your 'New Discoveries / Inventions / Innovations' worksheet.
  • Hot Spots - Clustering, categorizing, organizing, or compressing them in meaningful ways.
  • Synthesis - Putting ideas together
  • Analysis - Breaking problems apart
  • Divergence - Creating choices
  • Convergence -Making Choices
Within your group of 4-5 students, create a simple 1-minute video to connect your 3 'Discoveries / Inventions / Innovations' into a story.

The video should be clear (audio as well as visual) before uploading to the class IE blog. Take note that all videos must observe the 4Rs.

Due Date: Wednesday, 27th Feb.

Mr. Hiap

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Homework (Term 1, Week 4) Khairul Aizat S1-04 (14)

1. Infinite Space
What is the video trying to tell you about innovation
Innovation does not need to be complicated. Sometimes, the best innovation comes from simplicity. And thinking.

2. Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one / two of them inspired an innovation. (You can include pictures by uploading as a separate post).
The Frisbee Ball. The person who came up with this might have friends who wanted to ball lets say, soccer and then wanted to play Frisbee. So he never knows what they might want to play next so he came up with this 

3. Post your comments on what you think about the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo Da Vinci

The simplest ideas can lead to great innovations and inventions

Sorry for late submission I only came home at around 9++ at night today
1) The video tries to tell s that an object is not only limited to its main purpose and can be innovated for another use. Same goes with space, a space can be multi-functional and can be used for a few different purposes.

2) When living near a lake, he was inspired by all the little boats and how they were able to contain so many things into such little space.It inspired him to try and fit things into a limited space.

3) Simple tings can sometimes have more purpose and use than an expensive object that was designed specifically for one purpose. Simple things are also easier to innovate and can be multi-functional. Hence, sometimes simple and smaller things can be more useful and sophisticated.

Homework (Term 1, Week 4) Khairul Aizat S1-04 (14)

1. The video shows that such a small space can be innovated into a room where all the basic house needs can be placed. This shows that creativity leads to innovation.

2. This is a combination of a highlighter and post-it flags. I think that when the innovator of this was using a highlighter, he wanted to paste a post-it as a note and found it troublesome to have two separate things. So, he combined those two and here is the outcome.

3. He means less is more. If something simple can serve the purpose of something that is complex, then the simple is more sophisticated. If something cannot be further simplified, then that is ultimate sophistication.

Homework (Term 1 Week 4) Chow Yu Hin (12) S1-04

1. It tells us that with just a little bit of innovation, so much space can be saved thus making small spaces seem larger.

2. The owner liked the concept of how the boats near his old house had pull out cupboards and decided to apply the same concept in his flat to save space.

3. 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'
I think it is because the concept is so simple that it can easily be tweaked a little to complete different tasks unlike sophistication which only focuses on a particular thing, thus trying to make changes to it to perform different tasks would be more tedious.

Homework Term 1 Week 4

1. It's trying to tell us not to be limited to a certain area. Even though the space was really small, he managed to be creative and innovate it to be better.

2. In the video, the owner was inspired by the boats in the lake near his house when he was younger. The folding technique he uses in his cupboards are also found in the smaller boats.

3. I think that's true because simple means easier for us to understand and more efficient for us to use.

homework(term 1, week 4)

1:infinite space
This video is trying to tell people that innovation can help people with limited space do many things, and at the same time, it helps you organise and saves space at the same time.


This innovation is a combination between pens, printers, and colours. (self explanatory pictures)

3. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" 
Simplicity means organised, neat, beauty, purity or clarity. However a design/product that is too simple shows lack of ideas or it might not fulfil it's function.

Homework ( Term 1 Week 4) Sean Chiu (20) S1-04

1)The video is telling me that different objects of things can be used for different purposes , instead of just "assigning" one purpose to one object. Innovation is also about thinking differently.

2)The owner of the flat had thought about the boats near his old house where he grew up in. He connected the pull out cupboards in the boats and the small space in his flat to create the pull out concept in his flat.

3)"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" 
I think that is quote , although said very long ago , is still relevant now . One of the Key Principles of Innovation of Steve Jobs that we covered last week is that we should eliminate the unnecessary things in a product that the necessary can "speak". This also makes the product simpler and easier to use . As shown in the video , simplicity makes the flat look more modern and saves him space. Thus , i think that the quote will remain to stay relevant.  

Friday, 1 February 2013

Homework (Term 1, Week 4)

1. Infinite Space
What is the video trying to tell you about innovation? View the video here

2. Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one / two of them inspired an innovation. (You can include pictures by uploading as a separate post).

3. Post your comments on what you think about the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo Da Vinci

Post your comments (include your name, question number) as a thread to this post.

Date Due: Tuesday, 5 February, 9:00pm