Friday, 12 April 2013

overview of lesson on 12.04.2013


root cause analysis: 
We must understand that a problem has many underlying causes.
To find the underlying causes from different perspectives. 

Fever is a symptom, but it might be a cause. 
might be dengue?  
…Bieber fever?

causes of the cause?
Humans? …probably.

With causes, we need to find evidence. 
how to find the root cause?

use the ladder of Y's. Find the root cause, and work your way out.

Why do I spans so much time on work?
--I am distracted..

Think of as many causes and underlying causes for the problem you had selected as you can. 
The causes and underlying causes must have at least seven perspectives?

Write your responses in the comment box below. 

example. Find something simple/toys. Then, you scamper it. (eg. LEGO).  


  1. My problem was , at night , people went to the park next to my house to play basketball and they would turn on the lights and make tons of noise. I would not be able to sleep and it would keep my awake for a very long time.
    1st cause : They want to play basketball
    2nd Cause : The want to play basketball because they want to exercise.
    3rd Cause : They want to exercise because they want to have fun
    4th Cause : They want to have fun because they are stressed.
    5th Cause : They are stressed because they have too much work.
    6th cause : They have too much work because they are pressured by work
    7th Cause : They are pressured by work because their parents will be angry if they do not do well.
    8th Cause : Their parents will be angry because they want their children to be successful in school.
    9th Cause : They want their children to be successful in school because
    they want their children to have a good life in the future.

    Lego can be used as a weapon cos if you've never tried before , stepping on one barefooted is really painful.

  2. My problem was the crowded public transport system during peak hours

    1st cause: Not enough trains
    2nd cause: Trains do not come fast enough
    3rd cause: Most people end work/ school at the same time
    4th cause: Trains are not fast enough
    5th cause: Trains/Buses are not big enough
    6th cause: Traffic Jams on the road
    7th cause: Too many people taking private transport

    Sorry I don't understand the SCAMPER part...

  3. Problem: Too many foreigners in Singapore. Foreigners could make up nearly half of Singapore's population by 2030! Foreigners are taking jobs in Singapore away from locals.

    1st Cause: Foreigners cannot find jobs in their countries so they come to Singapore looking for a job.
    Underlying Cause: Their countries do not have enough jobs for them.
    Underlying Cause: Their countries do not have enough companies to supply jobs.
    Underlying Cause: Even if they have chances to get jobs, the pay is too little.
    Underlying Cause: Their countries are poor.
    Underlying Cause: The companies in those countries are not earning enough from their businesses.
    Underlying Cause: Their businesses are not doing well because of poor management.
    Underlying Cause: Some business owners frequently lack relevant business and management expertise.
    Underlying Cause: Business owners start their business for the wrong reasons.

    I am digressing too much, aren't I?

    SCAMPER: What can you do with a Pen?
    1. Reach into a small space to retrieve something.
    2. Back scratcher
    3. Nose picker
    4. Ear wax removal
    5. Reset modem or router
    6. Drum stick
    7. Magic trick / murder weapon
    8. Rubber band launcher

  4. Problem: The traffic congestion in highways and roads.
    1st Cause: There is a rapid growth of population in Singapore, in a result of more cars.
    Underlying cause: There are more foreigners coming into Singapore.
    Underlying cause: They want better jobs and education.
    Underlying cause: Their countries do not have enough jobs and they think the education in Singapore is much better.
    Underlying cause: The jobs may offer them little money, and they want the best for their child's education.
    Underlying cause: They want their child to achieve the best in future and the long run.
    Underlying cause: So the children can support them when they grow grey.

    Well....that escalated quickly...

    SCAMPER: How to SCAMPER a ruler
    1. You can use it as a dagger to throw.
    2. You can cut lines on the table.
    3. Unstick two pieces of paper by sliding the ruler in between.
    4. Can play table tennis.
    5. Cannon, eraser launcher.
    6. Slap people on the arm or back

  5. problem: distracted when doing hw or revising
    cause: we are easily distracted
    underlying 1: we are easily distracted because hw is boring compared to distractions
    2: how is more boring because teachers don't make it fun
    3: teachers dont make it fun because they dont see why it needs to be
    4: they dont see why it needs to be fun because they don't see fun hw as a norm
    5: they dont see it as normal because it isn't
    6: hw isn't fun normally because teachers don't make it so...
    here we come to a never ending cycle. so therefore one teacher must start making hw fun. yay
    scamper part:
    rubber bands....
    yay for rubber bands!
    1: collect as many as you can and tie them into a stretchy stringy thing and use it to your heart's content
    2: shoot it at people
    3: shoot it other people
    4: shoot it at multiple people
    5: shoot it
    6: use it as very simple friendship band
    7: tie things up with it
    8: make a rubber band ball and play with it
    9: stretch it to releive stress
    9: oh look two number nine's!

  6. Problem: Traffic congestions and MRT's are hard to get on during peak hours
    Increasing population

    2. They are able to get jobs here
    3. Feel that Singapore has more job opportunities than other countries
    4. People get transferred here because of their jobs
    5. Singapore would have a better education system for their child
    6. Come to Singapore ,as parent may live here, to look after them
    7. The environment here is better than their home country

    SCAMPER a pencil case
    1. Use it as a small purse to carry your belongings
    2. We can combine a strap to it to make it into a small 'handbag'
    3. Add a waterproofing to ensure contents do not get wet
    4. remove unnecessary pouches

  7. Problem: There are too many road accidents.
    Cause: Road users do not obey traffic rules.
    Underlying Cause 1: Pedestrians jaywalk on the road.
    Underlying Cause 2: Drivers are too stressed.
    Underlying Cause 3: There are too many cars on the road.
    Underlying Cause 4: Cyclists riding abreast, instead of single file.
    Underlying Cause 5: Motorists tend to speed on the road.
    Underlying Cause 6: Trucks drive on the extreme right line when they are supposed to drive on the left lane.
    Underlying Cause 7: Drivers drink and drive.

    SCAMPER: A mineral water Bottle
    1. Use it as a shaker for celebrations and events.
    2. Cut it into two. The side with the neck can be used as a funnel whereas the other end can be used as a container.
    3. Use it as a vase
    4. Cut into two and use the bottom as a pot for growing plants.

  8. Problem: Traffic congestions and it is very hard to get on a bus during 3 to 6pm (school peak hour).
    1. Too many people leaving school.
    2. Too many people attending school.
    3. Too many foreigners.
    4. They want better jobs and better education for their children.
    5. Not enough jobs in their own country, low standard education are received by their children.
    6. Very high competition rate for good jobs and good education.
    7. Too many people in their own country.
    So basically humans need to calm down a bit, if you know what I mean.

    SCAMPER: Lego
    1. Can be used as a trap.
    2. If you have a variety of models of legos, you can take them apart and build your own lego set (done that several times).
    You can step on the lego bricks.
    4. Relieve stress by playing with legos (building, role-playing, mixing the sets up).
    Anime FTW!

  9. Problem: The litter in Singapore is increasing.
    Cause: People throw the liter on the ground just like that.
    Underlying cause 1: People are too lazy to walk to the rubbish bin to throw the litter.
    Underlying cause 2: People think it is cool to litter.
    Underlying cause 3: People do not know the consequences of littering.
    Underlying cause 4: People are influenced by friends to litter.
    Underlying cause 5: Parents did not teach their child not to litter.
    Underlying cause 6: People have no sense of pride for their community.
    Underlying cause 7: People think that when they litter, it keeps a cleaner in job, thus they are doing a favour to them.

    SCAMPER: Book
    It can be used as a shelter when it is raining.

  10. Problem: Too many poor senior citizens working at food courts and selling tissues.
    1. They want to earn money.
    2. Nobody is supporting them, sometimes not even their own children
    3. Their children are not filial/too busy to provide a comfortable life for their own parents
    4. There are not enough people willing to do menial jobs like those with low salary
    5. The government is not providing enough jobs for the seniors
    6. Our population is ageing fast
    7. Our living expenses are too high, until the needy senior citizens have to come out to work for a meagre salary

    SCAMPER: Chopsticks can be used to secure a hair bun and become a functional hair decoration

  11. Problem: Traffic congestions and it is very hard to get on a bus.
    1. Too many people leaving school.
    2. Too many people going to school.
    3. Too many foreigners.
    4. They want better jobs and better education for their children.
    5. Not enough jobs in their own country, low standard education are received by their children.
    6. Very high competition rate for good jobs and good education.
    7. Too many people in their own country.

  12. Problem: Citizens do not bother to dispose of their litter properly.
    >People are getting more and more lazy.
    >People do not think of the consequences when they litter.
    >Citizens may not have been raised properly and therefore do not think to much when they throw.
    >Citizens believe that someone else might help.

    1. I accidentally pressed published,
      >Citizens get influenced by others when they see them litter.
      >CItizens do not care.
      >Cleaners do not clean properly.

  13. Problem: Too less space in parking lots/too many cars in parking lots
    1. too many people going to that destination.
    2. there are too less space
    3. too many cars
    4. the cost of parking is free/low cost
    5. the public is using the parking lot too
    6. more cars are being made.
    7. more people are buying cars instead of riding the public transport.
    8. the public transport is to expensive
    9. the expenses of driving cars is cheeper/more worth it
    10. cars are getting cheeper
    11. cars are taking too much space

  14. Problem: Too much homework for pupils sometimes

    -Sometimes they don't have good time management
    -The homework is really too much
    -There is not enough time
    -CCA takes too long and reach home too late
    -Pupils just don't like homework
    -Teacher hates the students (I don't know)

    SCAMPER: Bag

    The bag can be modified to become a mini go-kart which can take you to certain places fast. The bag will have a storage space which can store the go-kart and it will not be too heavy. The bag straps can act as the safety belt.

  15. Problem : Littering in Singapore

    1.People do not litter in the rubbish bins provided.
    2.They are too lazy to walk to the bins.
    3.The bins might be too far away.
    4.They think it is easier to just throw it on the ground
    5.They do not know that their behavior is wrong.
    6.They think it's fine because parents did not teach them
    7.They do not see the consequence of littering.
    8.Influenced by others that littering is okay because there are cleaners
    9.Cleaners may not see the litter

  16. Problem: Too much litter in the streets.
    1. Many people are littering.
    2. The cleaners do not clean the place properly.
    3. People do not heed advices when we tell them not to litter.
    4. Even the cleaners litter.
    5. The cleaners do not clean properly because they are distracted by their phones.
    6. They are distracted by their phones because they want to contact their friends.
    7.People are too lazy to throw litter into rubbish bins.

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  18. Problem: The number of people addicted to computer games is too damn high.
    1. They need to relief their stress
    2. They have a lot of stress
    3. They have too much homework
    4. They have both school work and tuition work
    5. Their parents want them to do well so they send them for tuition.
    6. Their parents want them to have a better education
    7. Their parents want them to have a good job and future

  19. Problem: Dog poop around the neighbour hood.
    1)Some dog owners are lazy and are not willing to dispose their pet's waste in the right way.
    2)Some dog owners make their maids do the job. Some maids are irresponsible and do not dispose the pet's waste properly.
    3)Owners abandon their dogs for some reason. Abandoned dogs poop everywhere.
    4)Abandoned dogs mate and have pups that contribute to the poop factor.
    5)Abandoned dogs scavenge for food. The food sometimes upsets the dog's stomach and the dog poops more oftenly.
    6)Dogs escape from their leashes and wander about. Sometimes pooping.
    7)Some trouble makers purposely let their dogs poop on frequented walk paths.

    SCAMPER: Plastic Bag
    Can be used as a survival equipment to build condensers in the desert.
    Can be used to set up tents,
    Can be used to mend leaks in pipes.
    Can be used as a murder weapon.(suffocation)
    Can made into fishing nets.
    Can be used as a bait for turtles.(Jellyfish)