Sunday, 20 January 2013

Crazy innovations


You’re on the train and feel like dozing off? Tried to lean your head onto the window but your head hurts instead? Well, with the help of swimming goggles, it you will not feel the pain anymore. (explanation in picture form)

The only bad thing about ice-cream is that it melts. Not only that, the melted cream will drip all over you and makes you hands sticky and stains your shirt. That’s what this innovation do! The melted cream will only stay on top of the platform. No more sticky hands!

The DIY nut butter maker. The peanut that you buy at the stores, oil, sugar and other ingredients are added into the butter. If you are looking for a healthier way to enjoy peanut butter, you can do it with this maker. It grinds the nut to make it into the butter-ry texture you want. You can also add your own ingredients into your DIY peanut butter!

This might be dangerous, but it’s good for long trips, especially when driving on the highway right before lunch. Being hungry the whole trip is not pleasant, but with this, no more hungry driving. They never said 'Don’t EAT and drive'!

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