Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Innovation,Invention and Creativity

  1. Creativity is making something new and different than what you ever did before.
  2. Creativity can be something very simple (a line drawing) to very complex (a new drug formula). Creativity may be inventive and/or innovative ... or neither!
  3. Creativity is personal ... it does not require a comparison to anything else that already exists. That is not true for inventions or innovations.
  4. Invention is making something new, useful, not obvious, and different than what already exists ... however, an invention is not necessarily better, just different!
  5. Innovation is making something not only new and different, but also better than what already exists.
  6. Entrepreneurship is applied innovation ... putting something new and better to work!

      Which means to me that we need creativity to invent and innovate,we need an invention before we can innovate. 

           CREATIVITY :                                                        INVENTION:   


Creativity was needed             The Invention was made because the inventor had an idea.
 to invent the light bulb

The flashlight was invented as the innovator probably wanted to be able to bring light wherever he went and make peoples lives more convenient so that they did not have to build light bulbs everywhere they went.

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