Friday, 1 February 2013

Homework (Term 1, Week 4)

1. Infinite Space
What is the video trying to tell you about innovation? View the video here

2. Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one / two of them inspired an innovation. (You can include pictures by uploading as a separate post).

3. Post your comments on what you think about the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo Da Vinci

Post your comments (include your name, question number) as a thread to this post.

Date Due: Tuesday, 5 February, 9:00pm


  1. 1. Innovation can be from anything and by anyone in anywhere.
    2. A thumb and a bulb. The bulb can be in the shape of a thumb.
    3. The things that are simpler are better.

  2. 1. Innovation can come in different forms, and any object can have multiple purposes.
    2. We can take monopoly as an example. People love playing with money (small kids) . But as money is precious, many parents do not allow their kids to play with it. Then an innovative person, named chales.b .darrow, combined money and games. And finally invented monopoly which till now is an very famous game.
    3. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is very true as when things are simpler, they are easier to use, and we will use it more often.

  3. 1. it is trying to tell us that innovation can come from anywhere and it can be in the form of anything by surprising us with lego houses. 2. the paper and the novel. the paper became the book. and the books got thicker and thicker until a man decided to write upon i a story and sell it. 3. i feel it is because if something is simple then you can utilise it in so many ways it gives us the freedom to innovate the thing further which makes it complicated.


  5. 1. Innovation can be thought by anyone at any point of time.
    2. The pencil and eraser. Even though it is pretty common, to me it is still a great innovation as you may lose your eraser but you have another pencil with an eraser attached.
    3. When something is simple, it means being elegant, not something negative. You don't have to make things intricate just to make it nice and striking. Just being simple yet creative at the same time brings more attention

  6. 1. Innovation can be thought at any time and can be put to use at that time itself.
    2. Pen and pencil: A pencil may smudge on a piece of paper. From that invention, there was an innovation for the pen (ball-point and gel) which does not really smudge like the pencil.
    3. Simplicity can be referred as the base. From that base, we can innovate ideas to sophisticate the base so that it becomes innovations.