Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I&E Groups

Apologies for delayed posting - some people had not given me their groupings
As for Beverly's group , you have to take Hong Yi in into your group as all the other groups are already too full. You may only change if you have asked Mr Hiap. 

Kimberly , Luke , Sabrina , Myat Noe

Ryan, Chelsea, Lynette, Bryan Goh, Xue Qin 

Chester, Timothy , Hong Yi and Beverly

Sean , Kenric , Taufiq , Eunice , Nehal

Khairul , Bryan Lee , Qayyum , Yu Hin , Kai Cheng


  1. WE don't HAVE to do anything Sean. You have no such authority over us.

    1. Must learn to compromise. Other groups are full.