Tuesday, 12 March 2013

overview of lesson on 5.3.2013


-innovation requires thinking differently from multiple perspective
-problems present SOLUTIONS, solutions present PROBLEMS.
-Taking only 1 perspective will not give you the correct picture/understanding .Therefore look from different angles to give a bigger picture(holistic approach)of the problem/situation. 


 It may look like there's a swimming pool in the resort:

...but in reality, it's just that pool of water. Yeah. Literally, a POOL of water. 

As for the debate we had, I hope you guys saw the issue on Internet safeness in a different angle. And I think that you guys did a pretty good job in listing the things about it. Hope you guys learnt something new, and I look forward to see what ''gold'' you can come out with.

..Is GOLD even relevant in this context?

Pictures of the debate...


Anyways, have a good week ahead, or day, or hour. Probably minute. 

~~Eunice Koo, 
signing out. 

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