Wednesday, 13 March 2013

overview of lesson on 13.3.2013

What we learnt in the past term:

*WeIrd and useful innovations

Steve jobs (7 principles of innovation)


*Multiple perspective.

Social innovations projects:
It’s easier to think of the problem than to think of a solution straight away...
What are some of the problems you know around you? Can you name a few?

Phrase your problem, then think of the solution. 

--How you would shorten queues in the supermarket?
--Does changing the shopping basket help with that problem?

"ASHOKA is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Men and Women with system changing solutions for the world;s most urgent social problems."
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More about ASHOKA

 To settle medical issuers in India:

They do not have clean water to consume. So they:
  • Purify the water
  • Villagers go and collect from collection points
  • 1 dollar fifty for a month of supply of clean waters

As doctors cannot travel to the rural part of India, they:
  • Use video consultation(something like video call)
  • Safe travel fees
  • Safe hassle
  • Safe time
  • Medicines are priced at affordable costs
Why is social innovation important?
Look for a problem in our society/world that you would like to help solve, this problem must lead to some form of social innovation preferably in the form of product innovations. Leave your answers in the comment box below!
(sounds like youtube, doesn't it?)  

~~Eunice Koo.


  1. We are living in a increasingly global world. As the world becomes more global, it is imperative that we understand global issues and see ourselves in the context of the global arena and especially, the responsibilities of being a global community member. Some of the major current global issues are:

    * climate change and global warming,
    * immigration and employment,
    * natural resource depletion and energy usage,
    * consumerism and sustainable development,
    * terrorism and global trade,
    * healthcare and poverty.

    The Millennium Development goals are a clear indication of the plight of the world. Majority of the world is still trapped in providing basic sustenance and safety. Unless we actively motivate and inspire ourselves and the community at large to take positive and meaningful action to address these global issues, we have contributed little to our individual growth and to the growth of the community.

  2. Social innovations projects:
    It’s easier to think of the problem than to think of a solution straight away...
    What are some of the problems you know around you? Can you name a few?

    1. Poverty, Hunger And Lack Of Drinking Water.
    2. Climate Change
    3. International Terrorism
    4. The Increasing Global Population (Especially in Singapore)

    Phrase your problem, then think of the solution.

    Solutions to these problems are all in our hands. Whatever good we do to help solve these problems makes a big difference. For example, you can help donate food or do charity work for people living in poverty and they would be very (and I mean VERY) grateful. For climate change, all we need to do is stop polluting the environment by simply stop littering, stop smoking, take public transport more often, etc.

  3. A problem that our society does not have now is not cleaning up our tables / clearing our plates when we finish our food at the food court or something.
    How can we fix this ?

    There can be some kind of point system so that whenever someone clears his own table , he can like go tap some special card or get a QR code to scan , to get some points. With these points , he can accumulate them to redeem like one free meal or something. So the social innovation would be the special card which can let you earn points easily.

    this was really random LOL k bye

    1. this is a problem our society does not have you say?

    2. Good suggestion. This idea rewards the positive act (rather than penalizes the negative act). How can the scheme benefit those who do not own a handphone / are mobility impaired?

  4. An example of a problem might be excessive littering.

    We can fix this by maybe inventing a "Dustbin" which when certain rubbish is disposed, the dustbin will mould it into useful things or a souvenir so people will be more willing to throw their litter into the dustbin then simply tossing it onto the floor. It might sound a bit far-fetched but it's still pretty cool.

    1. I think it's not as far-fetched... but would you be more inclined to, say recycle, if you could see the dustbin separate the items (to paper, plastic, glass, etc...)?

      (The far-fetched for me is that the waste-produced souvenir is thrown away again...)

      Any improvements to your idea?

  5. A really big problem is distractions while studying or homework doing. We could have a built in functions on our phones and computers so that whenever we go onto an educational website for over 15 minutes the electronic device will go into homework mode where all websites that you list down will be banned forcing you to concentrate. It will go out once you close your browser.

  6. A problem in our society is that people just throw PET bottles into the dustbin after drinking. This will be mixed with the other trash and will dirty the PET bottles, making it diificult to recycle the PET bottles.

    A solution would be to install PET Plastic Bottles Collection machines at places with heavy human traffic or mass events such as the National Day Parade. These machines are like reverse vending machines whereby once a PET Bottle is being thrown into the machine, the machine will reward you. The reward can be shopping vouchers, additional talk time for mobile phone, MRT card top-up of a certain amount or reward points to be redeemed at certain shops and outlets. So this will help to save the environment as more people will recycle their PET bottles.

    1. Thought: In Japan, people are able to separate even the plastic bottle caps from the plastic bottle. No extrinsic rewards, no campaigns. Just (perhaps) a sense of duty, patriotism, integrity (?) to keep the country clean / recycle waste, etc...

      Your idea may have been tried before (albeit with different reward systems). Have can your idea be improved? Does the problem lie with the material (plastic) used for bottles?

      Can we go to a vending machine that only dispenses the drink, but we have to bring our own bottle? Will it work?

  7. A problem in our society is that people refuse to keep their trays and cutlery after they finish using it, thinking that it's the cleaner's job to clear it away.

    A solution is that when we want to use the tables in the hawker centres we can force people to put a deposit. Only after they have returned their plates and bowls will they be able to collect their money back. (Sorry, typical money faced me XP)

    1. Scroll up to Sean Chiu's idea. Same situation, different outcome: trying to reach a similar objective - cleaned up food courts.

      Any alternative to achieve this in places without this system.

  8. So, I was at Msia that other day, and my family and I were going to the mall for dinner. So, when we reached the car park, it was PACKED. Then this thought hit me:

    So, since there's lesser and lesser land on Earth, and Singapore has a limited amount of land, why not build a 'foldable' car. You would have a question mark in your head now. What I was thinking, ...or visualising anyways, was that the car is built in such a way that once you get out of the car, you are able to easily fold your car horizontally, saving less space. In the future, the parking lot would be smaller, but it can fit more cars.