Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Problem Statement and Challenge Statement

Hi Sec 1-04,

Although we will miss this Friday's lesson (Good Friday public holiday), the handout (located on the Sec 1 Googlesite) is meant for you to fill in (softcopy first).

Please take note of the following:
i) The Problem Statement should be worded as a question: to invite ideas & avoids closing the problem.
 Acronyms as below:
  • IWWMW: In what ways might we...?
  • HMW: How might we...?
  • HCW: How can we...?
ii) The Challenge Statement creates Opportunities.

Challenge Statement acronyms as below:
  • WIBGI: Wouldn't it be good if...?
  • WIBNI: Wouldn't it be nice if...?
Also complete the sorting criteria (CP4I Framework).

We will go through the handout next Friday, 5 April.

Happy Easter!
Mr. Hiap

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